First attach the lower stem to the search head. Insert the rubber washers into the recesses either side of the end of the lower stem, slide the lower stem and washers into the search head with the locking pin facing backwards, then slide in the bolt so the bolt head on one end sits in the slot on the search head, then tighten the plastic wing nut so the search head no longer moves freely.

The EVO6000 has a three part stem so it can be packed into small spaces. Each part of the stem slides into the next and clicks into place when it is lined up. Adjust the length of the stem so the detector feels balanced in your hand and is pressing gently on the back of your arm. Twist the cam locks at each of the joints to hold the stem firmly in place. To adjust the length of the stem, loosen the cam lock then press in the locking pins and reposition the stem.

Once the stem is complete wrap the cable around it, roughly five times depending on the length you have set the stem to. Take care to make sure the search head can be moved without straining the cable. Ensure that there is no loose cable between the search head and the stem which might affect performance.

Connect the search head plug to the control unit by aligning it with the search head socket, gently pushing it into the search head socket and then securing it by tightening the metal thumb wheel.

To adjust the arm rest. Remove the arm rest bolts and move the arm rest to a comfortable position. Pass the arm rest bolts through both halves of the arm rest and the top stem and then attach the arm rest bolts.