Sweep the metal detector from side to side. Your sweeps should take about two seconds in each direction. Move forward slowly so that you do not leave a gap between each of your sweeps. Keep the search head parallel to the ground and at a constant height above the ground. Keep the search head clear of the ground and of other obstacles. If the search head comes into contact with the ground or vegetation it can cause spurious signals. If you find swinging the detector uncomfortable, try adjusting the stem length and the arm rest position.

When you find a target sweep over it several times to verify that the signal is real and to gauge its rough position. From motion mode you can switch to pinpoint mode to better locate the target. Move the search head away from the target, either vertically or horizontally, and press the pinpoint button  to enter pinpoint mode. Move the search head slowly over the target, back and forth and from side to side. Listen for the highest volume and pitch to precisely locate the target.

In non-motion mode, if you find that the detector is disturbed by changes in ground conditions, use a short press on the pinpoint button  to reset the baseline level.