The master volume, which affects all tones, is controlled by the VOLUME setting.


The master volume level. Set to zero to mute all sound.


Set the brightness of the backlight.


Turn on aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth to connect your wireless headphones.


Forget the current wireless headphones and search for a new set of headphones to pair to.

Your EVO6000 uses aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® which means you get great quality audio with no wires and no perceptible delay. You should use headphones which support aptX™ Low Latency to get delay free audio. We recommend the CSCOPE-H100 headphones which are described in the Accessories section.

To turn on Bluetooth® and automatically connect to your headphones choose BLUETOOTH. Your EVO6000 will search for the last set of wireless headphones you paired and will connect to them automatically. Choosing BLUETOOTH again will switch off Bluetooth®. The EVO6000 can be connected to a new set of wireless headphones by choosing PAIR. Pairing makes your EVO6000 forget the last set of headphones it was paired with and starts a search for a nearby set of headphones which are in pairing mode. Consult the instructions for your wireless headphones to find out how to put them into pairing mode, sometimes this is called making them “discoverable”.