Press the up and down buttons together in the Programs menu to enter the Extras menu.

Your EVO6000 has ranges of target IDs for iron, below discrimination level and above discrimination level. You can use one tone for each of the ranges, making three tones in total, or you can increase the number of tones for each range so high target IDs get higher tones.


Change the number of tones played from 3 to 36.


Set the response speed. Fast and shallow (10) or slower and deeper (1)


Set the EVO6000 back to factory settings.

The SPEED setting controls how fast your EVO6000 responds to a target. Higher response speed means that your EVO6000 can separate targets more clearly and with less lag. Running your EVO6000 slower will let it see deeper targets.

RESET sets all your settings to factory settings, resets all custom programs and forgets the current paired wireless headphones.