The EVO600 supports aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® which delivers high quality wireless audio with minimal delay when used with aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® capable headphones. For best results and support, we recommend the CSCOPE-H100 headphones.

Connecting and Disconnecting

To connect your wireless headphones for the first time you first need to pair them with your EVO6000. Once your headphones have been paired and connected once they will be remembered by your EVO6000 and will connect automatically each time your EVO6000 is turned on and whenever you enable Bluetooth®.

You can switch from wireless headphones back to the loudspeaker by switching off Bluetooth or by turning off your wireless headphones. To switch off Bluetooth®, choose BLUETOOTH from the Master Volume, Backlight and Bluetooth® menu. Choose BLUETOOTH again to turn Bluetooth® back on and automatically reconnect with your wireless headphones.


Follow the instructions for your wireless headphones to put them into pairing mode. Normally you make sure the headphones are turned off, then press and hold the on button on the headphones until you hear confirmation that they are pairing. While your wireless headphones are pairing , choose PAIR from the Master Volume, Backlight and Bluetooth® menu on the EVO6000. The Bluetooth® indicator will flash slowly then quickly as pairing progresses. Pairing can take about a minute. Once pairing completes, the name of the headphones will briefly appear on the screen and the headphones will connect. The Bluetooth® indicator will be on, the headphone indicator will show the headphone icon with waves and any sound will play over the wireless headphones. For help with pairing check the Troubleshooting section.


To forget a set of wireless headphones, choose PAIR from the Master Volume, Backlight and Bluetooth® menu and do not carry out the pairing process on your wireless headphones. The pairing process will time out and the EVO6000 will no longer be paired to any wireless headphones.