The EVO6000 gives feedback on the type, size and depth of targets on the display and in audio tones.

The display shows a large number which is the target ID. As a rough guide, targets which have a high iron content and are low value have low target IDs and better targets have higher target IDs.


The volume of the low iron tone. Set to zero to mute iron.


The volume of tones for targets below the discrimination level (DISCRIM)


The target ID above which the high tone will play.


Set the sensitivity to highest value that you can without the detector sounding.

The EVO6000 has three audio ranges, each has a tone, or range of tones, and a separate volume level. The volume of all the tones is controlled by the master volume (VOLUME). Setting the master volume (VOLUME) to zero will mute all tones. A deep, small target generates a quieter tone than a shallow, large target. The Extras menu can be used to increase the number of tones in each range from one to up to twelve, giving up to 36 tones in total.