Your EVO6000 comes with enough charge for you to try it out immediately. To get the best out of your battery we recommend that you charge your EVO6000 fully before you use it. The USB C charging port on the EVO6000 is on the back behind the waterproof cover.

Once your EVO6000 is charged you are ready to get started. To assemble your EVO6000 follow the instructions in the Assembling Your EVO6000 section. To start detecting take these steps:

Step 1

Press the power button to start your EVO6000.

Step 2

Open the EVO6000 menus using the menu button

Step 3

Use the up and down buttons to choose a program. Normally INLAND will work well.

Step 4

Confirm your selection with the OK button

Step 5

Use the up and down buttons to set the sensitivity to the highest value that you can with the detector not sounding.

That’s it. You are ready to go!

The Wireless Headphones section explains how to pair your wireless headphones with your EVO6000. To connect wired headphones, use the headphone socket. The headphone socket on the EVO6000 is on the back behind the waterproof cover. The waterproof cover must be closed if the EVO6000 control unit is immersed in water.

The Programs section explains the pre-set programs and how to select them. Using the Menus explains how to tailor the settings on your EVO6000 to your situation or preferences. If you have chosen some settings which are not working well, selecting a pre-set program will get your EVO6000 back to one of our recommended configurations.

The Metal Detecting Technique section has suggestions on how to maximise your detecting performance.