A long press on the pinpoint button   in motion mode puts your EVO6000 into non-motion audio discrimination mode.

Non-motion audio discrimination mode is designed to help you find deep targets on uneven or overgrown sites where it is difficult to swing the detector. In non-motion audio discrimination mode you do not have to sweep the search head. You can slowly move the search head around to find a target. In non-motion audio discrimination mode the large numbers on the screen will show the target ID. The pitch of the tone reflects the target ID of the target.  Stronger signals will give louder tones. The pitch and volume of the tone can be managed using the iron volume, discrimination level and discrimination volume and master volume settings. In non-motion audio discrimination mode, if you find that the detector is disturbed by changes in ground conditions, use a short press on the pinpoint button  to reset the baseline level.

A long press on the pinpoint button  in non-motion audio discrimination mode puts your EVO6000 into non-motion single tone mode.