Thank you for choosing the EVO6000. At C.Scope we have decades of experience of making metal detectors. We designed the EVO6000 to be a joy to use, from the way it feels when you pick it up to the way it looks and sounds. As a C.Scope customer we are here for you with our renowned customer service. We hope you love the EVO6000 as much as we do. Enjoy your EVO6000. If you need help or advice please get in touch with us by email, online or by phone. Our details are in the Contact section. To get detecting follow the instructions in the Getting Started section.

The EVO6000 has a large clear display with four round dials so you can see how the detector is set up at a glance. The large digits in the middle of the display tell you what kind of target your EVO6000 is detecting. The depth indicator arrows on the right indicate the depth and size of your find. The screen has a dimmable backlight for low light situations. The EVO6000 has a beautifully simple and intuitive user interface with just six buttons on the keypad.

The EVO6000 can be used with wired headphones, without headphones or with wireless headphones. The EVO600 supports aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® which delivers high quality wireless audio with no perceptible delay when used with aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® capable headphones. Use the 3.5 mm jack socket to connect wired headphones. The headphone socket and the USB C charging port are on the back of the control unit behind a waterproof cover which must be closed if the EVO6000 control unit is immersed in water.

Your EVO6000 will work for up to 20 hours on a full charge. When you eventually do need to recharge, use the USB C charging port to connect the supplied charger or to connect a USB battery pack. The USB C charging port can also be used to update your EVO6000 software using the EVO6000 Toolkit which is available for Mac and PCs at

Above the USB C charging port and headphone socket is the socket for the metal detector search head. Connect the search head by wrapping the cable round the stem, sliding the search head plug into the search head socket and tightening the metal thumb wheel.

The EVO6000 comes with a 28 cm (11 inch), 17.5 kHz, elliptical search head which is lightweight, great for finding coins and gives good depth. The elliptical shape creates a blade shaped field which gives a sharp signal when you sweep over a target. For more depth, for difficult sites or for special conditions other EVO search heads are available as accessories.