The EVO6000 has a large clear display with four round dials so you can see how the detector is set up at a glance. The large digits in the middle of the display tell you what kind of target your EVO6000 is detecting. The screen has a backlight for low light situations.

Target IDIron VolumeDiscrimination VolumeDiscrimination LevelSensitivityInland ProgramBeach ProgramAll Metal programLoad a Custom ProgramStore a Custom ProgramGround LevelTracking IndicatorBluetooth IndicatorHeadphonesVolumePin PointBatteryDepthIron VolumeDiscrimination VolumeDiscrimination LevelSensitivitySet Ground Level ManuallyTrack Ground Level AutomaticallyAutomatically Set a Ground LevelAdjust the VolumeAdjust the BacklightSearch for and Pair With Wireless HeadphonesTurn Bluetooth on and off

The large digits in the middle of the display are the target ID. As a rough guide, targets which have a high iron content and are low value have low target IDs and better targets have higher target IDs. On the right of the target ID is the depth indicator. The more arrows the depth indicator the deeper your find is.

The round dials below the target ID show the settings the EVO6000 is currently using. Iron volume (IRON VOL) controls the volume of the low tone which plays for ferrous targets. Discrimination volume (DISC VOL) controls the volume for the middle tones which plays for targets with target IDs below the discrimination level (DISC). You can adjust these levels in the Tones and Target ID Ranges menu. The sensitivity (SENS) can also be adjusted while you are detecting using the up and down buttons .

The icons across the top of the screen show the status of your EVO6000. The Bluetooth® and master volume can be adjusted in the Master Volume, Backlight and Bluetooth® menu. The Bluetooth® indicator will be on if you have wireless headphones connected. It will flash when Bluetooth® is connecting. It will flash faster if your EVO6000 is pairing. The headphone indicator shows if you have headphones connected and if they are wireless headphones. The master volume indicator shows more waves for higher volume settings. The target symbol is the pinpoint indicator. It comes on when you are in pinpoint mode. It blinks once if you are in non-motion audio discrimination mode and blinks twice if you are in non-motion single tone mode. The battery level indicator shows the amount of charge left in the battery. The battery level indicator scrolls up when the battery is charging.

The smaller digits on the left of the screen show the ground level reading. This reading indicates the level of mineralisation of the soil. If you choose ground tracking in the menus the GTRACK indicator will be on and the ground level will continuously track ground conditions. The ground level settings are in the Ground Balance menu.

Across the bottom of the screen are the menus. These will be blank when you are not using them. Use of the menus is explained in the Using the Menus section.